Mass Youth Soccer Coaches
Mass Youth Soccer believes that “the game is the greatest teacher” and that children will get better at soccer by playing, playing and more playing. They also believe that well-trained, resourceful coaches will enhance a child's enjoyment of this beautiful sport. To that end they have designed a series of coaching courses, each leading to a certificate or license that emphasizes proper coaching principles. We encourage you to take advantage of these courses...get more information by following this link.
Our Mission
WYSA coach rules and guidelines are designed to, "...create balance of play, equal opportunity between players, reasonable safety/protections, fun, development, and an atmosphere of sporting behavior and fair play.  I agree not to attempt to take unfair advantage of or to manipulate BAYS rules and the Laws of the Game to our advantage...."

And each coach must sign a pledge which states, "As a coach, I agree to recognize my responsibility to hold the score differential to six (6) goals or less.  A score differential higher than 6 goals will be recognized as unsporting behavior."

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