Westborough Youth Soccer Association (WYSA)

Academy Training

Tuesday August 30th Chauncey Hadley
3:30-4:45 GU9 GU12
4:45-6:00 BU10 BU11
6:00-7:15 GU10 GU11
Wednesday, August 31st Chauncey Hadley
4:45-6:00 BU9
6:15-7:30 BU12
Tuesday September 6th Chauncey
5:00-6:15 BU9 & BU10
6:15-7:30 GU9 & GU10
 Thursday, September 8th Hadley   
 5:00-6:00 U10 Goalie Clinic 
 6:00-7:00 U12 & U14 Goalie Clinic
 Friday, September 9th  Hadley  
 5:00-6:00 U10 Goalie Clinic 
 6:00-7:00 U12 & U14 Goalie Clinic 
Saturday September 10th Chauncey
9:00-10:15 BU7
10:15-11:30 BU8
11:30-12:45 GU7 & GU8
Monday September 12th Chauncey Hadley
5:00-6:15 BU7 & BU8 BU11 & BU12
6:15-7:30 GU7 & GU8 GU11 & GU12
Tuesday September 13th Chauncey
5:00-6:15 BU9 & BU10
6:15-7:30 GU9 & GU10

Welcome to Westborough Youth Soccer

Westborough Youth Soccer Association or WYSA is affiliated with Mass Youth Soccer and provides programs in both fall and spring for Westborough residents from four to 18 years old. The In-Town program is for Pre-K to Grade 3 and Travel, Grade 4 - High School. Travel teams participate in the BAYS Youth Soccer League. 

WYSA's Mission
Westborough Youth Soccer Association's primary purpose is to provide a challenging and fun soccer experience for as many children as possible, in Westborough. We provide organizational support, guidance and direction for players, coaches and volunteers; the best coaching and instruction available; a safe playing environment; and, where appropriate, fair and challenging competition. We promote the values of fair play, good sportsmanship and both team and individual accomplishment.

Last updated: August 28, 2016

Fall registration is OPEN for grade levels Pre-K -  2nd Grade and High School. 

In-town (Pre-K - Grade 2) regular registration closed 8/20. Late registration begins on 8/21. 
High School Regular Registration will close in September. 
LATE registration is now closed for most levels of Travel (Grade 3 - Grade 8). 

Note: BAYS soccer age groups are slightly different for travel in the fall than the recently mandated US Soccer age groups. BAYS adopted this approach for the 2016/17 season in order to keep school classes together. If you have questions, feel free to email Christian Wright at president@lazers.org.

2016/17 Bays soccer TRAVEL age groups: 
U9 (Grade 3)  – Entering Grade 3 in Fall 2016 and birth year 07, 08

U10 (Grade 4)  – Entering Grade 4 in Fall 2016 and birth year 06, 07

U11 (Grade 5) – Entering Grade 5 Fall 2016 and birth year 05, 06

U12 (Grade 6) – Entering Grade 6 in Fall 2016 and birth year 04, 05

U14 (Grade 7 & 8) – Entering Grade 7 or 8 in Fall 2016 and birth year 02, 03, 04

For more info: http://www.bays.org/files/BAYS_Grade&Age_Groupings_Fall-Spring16-17V3.pdf

8/27-8/28:  WYSA Shop Weekend at Dick's Sporting Goods.  Download flyer here!

7/17/16: Westborough Youth Soccer and the Breakers! 

6/20/16: Congratulations to Seniors Matthew Plunkett, Carly Flahive, Rikasa Pattanaik, Samantha Mack and Madeline French who won scholarships for their dedication to the sport of soccer and to our organization. Thank you for your dedication to WYSA!

6/16/16: U10 Real teams wins Revolution Contest! 

Upcoming Events
Fridays, 7/22-8/26/16: Revolution Academy 

8/20/16: REGULAR registration Deadline for Fall In-Town (Pre-K - Grade 2) Soccer
SEPT: Deadline for High School Level Soccer

9/10/16: Start of the Travel Season

9/11/16: Start of the Fall In-Town Season
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