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This page has been set up as a central location for Referees working with WYSA. It will provide news, upcoming events, game schedules, links, and other information for the Referees.

 Want to be a WYSA Referee? Check out the MassRef course list.

Once you have passed the course, send an email to

Referees MUST recertify every year, November - February in order to referee for the new spring and fall season.

WYSA Referee Schedule
WYSA Referee Schedule
Jr. Referee Program

The Jr. Referee program is a program for WYSA and is in response to the State level change to make all Referees age 14 or older. This has created a shortage of referees and especially our In-Town (U7 and U8) program has suffered since the change.

Registration for this program will launch in late February--but there are limited spots!  Spring In-Town soccer only plays ~ 80 total games, so with each Ref working 4-6 games, a total of only 20 Refs are required!!

The Jr. Referee will undergo a training session not affiliated with the State Referee program that will 'Certify' these Jr. Referee's to work In-Town, Sunday Afternoon games in Westboro only. This will serve as a training ground for 12 and 13 year old, Westborough resident youth with soccer playing experience interested in becoming Referees.  Once they reach 14, these will be eligible to take the State course and receive a Grade 8 Referee License and work BAYS and other league games.

Training will include a face-to-face session and several short on-line training modules from USA Soccer Referee training program.

Initially, Mentors will be available at the fields to assist and train the Jr. Referees.  Mentors will be other experienced Referees and will speak with Jr. Referees at halftime or when games end to provide feedback and guidance.  

Games will be Sunday afternoon's (TBD) and a rotation will be used to ensure all Jr. Referee's get experience working at the U7 & U8 game level

The Jr. Referee's will be paid directly from WYSA at $25 per game they Referee.  Payment will be made in a single check at the end of the In-Town season.

What, where, when of WYSA!
All referees officiating at WYSA home games are expected to:
  • What to do, where to go, what to wear, and when to be there!
  • Be at their assigned field 15 minutes prior to a game
  • Be in a full referee uniform (shirt (tucked in), shorts, and socks)
  • Respond to assignment e-mails within than two (2) days of receipt and phone calls within one (1) day. We will assume you are not interested in the games if we do not hear from you in this these time frames.
  • Review assignments when they are posted on this site as the WYSA schedule becomes available
  • If you must cancel an agreed upon assignment, this must be done at least two days prior to the assignment. (Of course illness or other unavoidable situation will waive this requirement.)
We're a two league association.
Please remember we officiate in two different leagues:  Travel in BAYS and In-Town.

Be sure you know the league specific rules before entering the field. A document with the rules differences can be found in the information section.
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